A mobile unit combining X-ray inspection and Gamma characterization of radioactive waste

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Automated Measurements and Characterization

The combined measurements (inspection and characterization) are performed automatically and consecutively using a unique conveyor system with turntable for maximum throughput and minimal material handling by the operators.

For each drum the following data are recorded: date, time, operator name, drum identification number, gross weight, gamma dose rate measured at 1 m or for each segment, associated gamma spectrums with analysis report, calculated activities with measurement uncertainties, Minimum Detectable Activities (MDAs), as well as high resolution radiographs of each waste drum taken at various angles (selectable from 1 to 36).

Dedicated Software Analysis

A dedicated software allows analyzing measurement results to determine where radioactive sources (or contaminated materials) are located in the inspected wastes, what is the associated contaminant(s) through isotope identification, and what is the estimated activity for each isotope present in the waste.

X-Ray Inspection System

The X-Ray inspection system reveals in real-time the presence of tools, plastics, papers, cables, glass, etc. It allows determining the volume of liquid present in each drum, as well as the average density of it. Imaging also reveals the presence of shielded containers made of lead or tungsten where radioactive sources could be hidden.

As alternative use, the mobile X-Ray system can be also used to tightly control dose rates and replicate specific exposure levels, and to achieve accumulated dose rates. This facilitates accelerated life-cycle testing of components used in environments where radiation levels are important.

System Overview

The X-Ray inspection and the Gamma Spectroscopy system with HPGe detector are Syscade’s main subsystems.

X-Ray Inspection

A Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) radiography equipment to inspect and characterize the composition of drums and box contents and to provide detailed images and analysis.

Gamma Characterization

A high-resolution gamma spectroscopy system with HPGe detector to determine which isotopes are present in the inspected waste and evaluate the activity levels. This characterization system can be used in 3 modes.

2D and 3D Scans

The combined use of 2D (left) and 3D (right) scans in Syscade enables precise characterization, efficient detection of contaminants and radioactive sources, and accurate isotope identification.

Real-time X-ray examination up to 450 kV

Accepts 80 to 220 Litre drums or large boxes

Selectable inspection angles from 0-360°

Identification and estimation of liquids’ volumes

Identification of the density of other materials

Waste Package Tracking & Data Management


Mobile, flexible and on-site transportable

Non-destructive, no need to open the drums

Combining X-ray imagery and radioactive isotopes characterization

Available worldwide