Ensuring Excellence in Radiological Characterization

Advanced Solutions for Radioactive Waste Management

Syscade is dedicated to providing top-tier, custom-made solutions for the precise characterization of radioactive waste, ensuring safety and compliance at every step.

Our Commitment

Quality Policy

Syscade is a company operating in the nuclear sector, specialized in nuclear instrumentation. It currently consists of three people: a CEO, a COO and a measurement technician.

Syscade’s management is firmly committed to guiding the company towards excellence in safety, measurement compliance and flexibility. This quality policy forms the basis of our operations in the nuclear sector, where safety is paramount and ISO 9001 compliance plays a crucial role.

Focus on Nuclear Safety


Strict Compliance

We are committed to strict compliance with all nuclear industry regulations and standards, such as the C1133 standard. Our operating procedures are meticulously documented and monitored to ensure strict adherence to our nuclear measurement results. This includes calibrating our equipment prior to measuring radioactivity. 


Flexibility and Adaptability

In an industry with many large players, we understand the importance of flexibility. We are committed to remaining agile and adaptable in the face of changing challenges. We encourage innovation and the search for new solutions to respond effectively to our customers’ needs and to developments in the nuclear sector, while maintaining our high safety standards.


Transparent Collaboration

Transparent communication and active collaboration are at the heart of our quality approach. We foster an environment where every team member can express ideas and concerns about safety and quality. We also encourage an open dialog with our customers, partners and government agencies to ensure mutual understanding and ongoing compliance.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Continuous improvement is a core value of our organization. We are committed to regularly evaluating our processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. We strive to create an environment where innovation is encouraged and everyone is invested in the positive development of our company.

Personal Accountability and Collective Commitment

As CEO, I am committed to providing the resources necessary to maintain our safety and quality standards and to encouraging each member of our team to take personal responsibility for achieving our goals. Together, we are working to create a culture of excellence, safety and adaptability.

Florent Callens

CEO, Syscade

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