What size is the Syscade Mobile Unit?

Syscade is a standard 40-foot container (length: 12.19 m, height: 2.36 m, volume: 66 m²).

What are the benefits of a mobile unit?

Benefits of the X-Ray inspection system :

  • High definition X-Ray imaging : 2D multi-angular, stereoscopic or tomographic
  • Easy recognition of drum content – detection of the presence of liquid or heavy object like a source container
  • No need for a transmission source (no licencing, cost & safety issues)
  • Very short inspection time (< 1 min.) compared to the use of a transmission source
  • Fast X-Ray inspection offers more time for emission measurement
  • Determination of matrix heterogeneities for better handling of “type-B” errors during gamma characterization
  • Accurate fill height information

Benefits of SYSCADE OG (Open Geometry) and A-OG modes :

  • Can be performed with rotating drum or at various angular positions (A-OG mode)
  • Measurement performed in a cabin with lead shied (reduced background – lower MDA)
  • Allows to estimate the total activity content in each drum (similar to IN-SITU)
  • Allows estimating if angular activity distribution is uniform (A-OG mode)

Benefits of SYSCADE SGS (Segmented Gamma Scanning) mode :

  • Allows matrix correction layer-by-layer (reduction of type-B errors)
  • Measurement performed in a shielded cabin (reduced background radiation)
  • Combination with X-Ray results gives a better estimation of averaged density in each segment compared to TGS (typically in middle part of each segment)

Benefits of A-SGS (Angular-SGS) mode :

  • Reveals (extreme) radial source distribution over 360° for each segment
  • Selectable rotation angle from 15 to 90°
  • Allows avoiding activity overestimation
  • Measurement performed in a shielded cabin (reduced background radiation)
  • Shorter characterization times compared to tomography

Other Benefits of SYSCADE :

  • Compact : 2 complementary systems in a unique 40-feet container
  • Mobile and on-site transportable
  • Self-shielded (drums are inspected and characterized in lead shielded cabin)
  • 100% industrial grade
  • Fully automatic – Requires 1 operator only !
  • Inspection and characterization modes can be configured according to your needs
  • 2 other container models available: 20-feet container for mobile X-Ray or mobile gamma only
  • Can be rented
What kind of radioactive drums can be analyzed by Syscade?

Syscade can analyze drums (or other containers) from 80 to 220 liters.

What are the characteristics of the X-ray inspection system?

The characteristics of the X-ray insespection system are:

  • 320 kV X-Ray tube
  • Linear X-Ray detector, installed vertically
  • Pre-shielding around the X-ray tube
  • Very collimated beam
What is the range of the inspection angle?

The turntable allows the operator to set angles from 0 to 360° with 10° steps (2 pi sr).

What is the time needed for an X-ray?

X-ray inspection takes less than a minute in total.

For 3D reconstruction, it takes between 30 and 45 minutes at a rate of 30 to 6 images per second (90 images/hour). Generator warm-up time is 1100 (less than 20 minutes).

Can we perform low background measurements with Syscade?

There is a shielded cabin to reduce internal or external radiation: no radiation leakage or intrusion of radiation. This only applies to measurements with the HPGe, which is outside the cabin and exposed to external background noise.

It is therefore possible to carry out highly accurate low-background measurements by increasing the acquisition time.

Can the unit be rented?

Yes, the unit can be either sold or rented as a service (with an operator or after a training at your location).

How to protect the HPGe probe from intense X-Ray beam ?

By installing an additional shielded door at the rear side of the cabin.

What is the throughput ?

Depending on the mode used:

            -X-Ray only: 60 drums/day (2D imaging) and 8 drums/day (3D)

            -Gamma only, OG mode: 16 drums/day

            -Gamma only, SGS mode: 8 drums/day

            -X-Ray + angular SGS & Density corrections: 2 drums/day

How is measurement data retrieved ?

A QR code is generated for each drum. All data results are linked to the QR code and stored in a database.

What are the necessary radioprotection elements around Syscade?

No radiation protection elements are required around Syscade. In fact, the cabin is shielded to comply with personal exposure limits and there are radiation meters at various points in the installation (1 on the HPGe cart, 1 in the cabin, 1 on the operator screens).

Is the system good with the cold? How would it cope with temperatures -20 Celsius and lower?

The unit we have presently at Syscade is designed for temperatures between -10°C and +45°C

It is equipped with 2 air conditioning systems, one for the control room, the other for the technical room where temperatures are stabilized at 19°C

In order to cope with temperatures below 20°C the two airco systems must be upgraded in the technical room situated at the rear of the container where the gamma station is installed.

Those modifications are minor but there is one important issue: when installed at a location where temperatures are low or high, it is important to connect the system continuously to the mains, or to operate the embedded Genset to avoid condensation inside the container and maintain inner temperature in the range between 10-25°C

What is the resolution of the HPGe detector in the Syscade mobile unit?

The resolution of HPGe detector inside Syscade mobile unit is:

  • For energy of 122 keV : the resolution is 1,151 keV
  • For energy of 1332 kEV : the resolution is 1,854 kEV
Can you export the data collected?

Yes, it’s possible to export data by USB key, as there’s a USB port on the car’s dashboard.

What is the maximum speed of Syscan? Can it be changed?

The maximum speed is 40km/h as stipulated by our company. But it is possible to restrict the vehicle. If you wish, for example, you can restrict the vehicle to 30km/h to comply with the site speed limit.

What is Syscan's autonomy?

The car can run for 8 hours straight.

Is the detector height adjustable?

Yes: from 150 to 50 mm from the ground.

How many m² can you scan in 1 hour?

1800 m² can be scanned in 1 hour, at a speed of 2 km/h for optimum characterization.

What are the requirements for driving the Syscan?

No license required, unless on the road.  Only training in mechanical functions and software is required.
Alternatively, Syscan is approved for road use, but in this case a “B” driving license is required.

What does the basic Syscan come with?

Without doors, but with Plexiglas windscreen and rear-view mirrors. Additional options can be ordered, e.g. doors, cameras, winch, radio, heating, air conditioning, etc.

Can you buy or rent Syscan?

SYSCAN can be rented as a service or purchased.