DSi is a world leader in the use of radio-isotopes and radiation sources in the industry. 

Our services cover a variety of applications in the industry : on-line measurement of engine wear, oil consumption, and oil aeration in the automotive, aeronautics and oil companies. This includes the development of customized radiation detection systems for characterization of radioactive materials.

Scannix is a leader in the development and sales of radioprotection solutions for research and medical laboratories, and radio-isotope production centres.

Scannix field of expertise covers the monitoring of alpha, beta, X-Ray, gamma and neutron radiations.  Scannix develops customized solutions to make nuclear facilities safer and to better protect workers against ionizing radiations.

Technord is an industrial group, with 370 employees (100% family-owned), specialised in the integration of industrial projects in electricity (Low, Medium and High VoltageConnected Power), Automation and Process ControlIndustrial IT and MES/MoM, and Industry 4.0 technologies (Internet of Things-IoT, Data Science & Analytics, Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence) to guarantee optimal productivity and flexibility (and even predictability) of its clients’ industrial processes.

In 2020, DSi, Scannix and Technord joined their expertise to develop site remediation equipment and services combining x-ray inspection and radio-isotopic characterization of radioactive waste.

A new solution is born for Non-Destructive Inspection and for Characterization of nuclear waste produced by the nuclear industry.