The Gamma Station SYS-SG-01 is designed for radiological characterization of low-level radioactive waste stored in 80-liter, 220-liter, or 400-liter drums.   

The Gamma Station uses a high-resolution detector (HPGe) with state-of the-art spectrometer.  

3 operating modes are available

Automatic Measurement Process 

Operation of the gamma station is fully automatic.

The operator can select the operating
mode (IOG or SGS or angular-SGS…), the number of drums to be inspected, the measurement
time or the targeted uncertainty on activity results

The gamma measurement system uses an HPGe detector with fast MCA electronics. The spectroscopy software performs acquisition and real-time analysis of energy spectra. 

The gamma station is equipped with a local
control cabinet for tests and calibration purposes. The local station communicates with a
main supervision system that synchronizes all operations


Very low  Fully automated process

Selectable analysis modes: IOG mode for quick characterization, SGS and Angular-SGS modes for detailed information on activity distribution inside each drum

Robust and light design with pre-assembled components for quick commissioning
Very efficient shielding of the transmission source to avoid impact on the background

Low power consumption : < 5 kVA

Quick troubleshooting thanks to accurate indication of failures on HMI screen

Remote control of the supervision and of the spectroscopy software for technical