Mobile, flexible and on-site transportable

Non-destructive, no need to open the drums

Combining X-ray imagery and radioactive isotopes characterization

Available worldwide

Benefits of the X-Ray inspection system :

  • High definition X-Ray imaging : 2D multi-angular, stereoscopic or tomographic
  • Easy recognition of drum content – detection of the presence of liquid or heavy object like a source container
  • No need for a transmission source (no licencing, cost & safety issues)
  • Very short inspection time (< 1 min.) compared to the use of a transmission source
  • Fast X-Ray inspection offers more time for emission measurement
  • Determination of matrix heterogeneities for better handling of “type-B” errors during gamma characterization
  • Accurate fill height information

Benefits of SYSCADE OG (Open Geometry) and A-OG modes :

  • Can be performed with rotating drum or at various angular positions (A-OG mode)
  • Measurement performed in a cabin with lead shied (reduced background – lower MDA)
  • Allows to estimate the total activity content in each drum (similar to IN-SITU)
  • Allows estimating if angular activity distribution is uniform (A-OG mode)

Benefits of SYSCADE SGS (Segmented Gamma Scanning) mode :

  • Allows matrix correction layer-by-layer (reduction of type-B errors)
  • Measurement performed in a shielded cabin (reduced background radiation)
  • Combination with X-Ray results gives a better estimation of averaged density in each segment compared to TGS (typically in middle part of each segment)

Benefits of A-SGS (Angular-SGS) mode :

  • Reveals (extreme) radial source distribution over 360° for each segment
  • Selectable rotation angle from 15 to 90°
  • Allows avoiding activity overestimation
  • Measurement performed in a shielded cabin (reduced background radiation)
  • Shorter characterization times compared to tomography

Other Benefits of SYSCADE :

  • Compact : 2 complementary systems in a unique 40-feet container
  • Mobile and on-site transportable
  • Self-shielded (drums are inspected and characterized in lead shielded cabin)
  • 100% industrial grade
  • Fully automatic – Requires 1 operator only !
  • Inspection and characterization modes can be configured according to your needs
  • 2 other container models available: 20-feet container for mobile X-Ray or mobile gamma only
  • Can be rented